General advice on perennials

Moth and Insect Repellent Plants

Moth and Insect repellent plants All of the following plants have been used in the past to repel insects and clothes moths (and other pests) Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) (Sweet Woodruff) Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff) Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff) Lavandula [...]

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Ferns for Moist Sites

On the whole most ferns will grow in moist conditions, though only some are suitable for conditions that are properly wet. I've set out some notes below which I hope will help you sort them out. Adiantum Adiantums are hardy little plants whose delicate appearance belies their underlying toughness. They are long [...]

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Ferns for Dry Shade – a comparison

One of the most commonly asked questions asked about ferns is 'which ferns are suitable for dry shade ?' In general, ferns are all suitable shade, but vary in their tolerance for dry conditions. However, if conditions are dry, shade can be beneficial as it reduces the water stress that plants are subject to. Below [...]

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Ferns – Deciduous or Evergreen ?

Ferns - Deciduous or Evergreen. I've set out below the ferns we grow and a note as to whether they keep their leaves or not over winter. Adiantum - deciduous Adiantums reliably loose their fronds each winter, leaving a forest of wire thin stalks. Adiantum pedatum Aleuticum [...]

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Wildlife Pictures

A random selection of photographs showing wildlife visiting our nursery and garden. Butteflies and Moths Bees... ..and Others

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What is a Perennial ?

What is a Perennial ?   Summed up in a single phrase, a perennial is a plant that lives and flowers for a number of years leaving behind no woody structure each season. Examples of perennials would be Campanulas, Delphiniums, Heleniums, Hellebores and Rudbeckias. So, if you plant perennials you can expect [...]

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When to Plant Perennials

When should you plant perennials ?  The simple answer to this is that you can plant them at any time of the year, however there are some times that are better and some times that may not work so well. Autumn The overriding rule is this - can the plant establish and is it going [...]

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