I have arranged all of the Hostas we grow into an ordered list so that you can compare them side by side. For want of a better scheme, I have grouped them by size and then by colour form within that. There are some very helpful cultural notes that have been written by my good friend and Hosta aficionado,David Byfield. You can find these notes at the end of the listing.

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The following list has been organised primarily by height and thereafter by leaf colour

Small (Class 4 – leaves 36-160 sq cm)

Green and Yellow Variegated

Hosta 'Brim Cup'

Hosta ‘Brim Cup’

  • Hosta ‘Brim Cup’. Small. 30 x 40cm. A small sized Hosta that quickly makes a good size. The leaves are strikingly marked with broad creamy edges and an irregular dark green central splash. Texture is puckered and leaves are cupped. H. ‘Aden 392’ x H. ‘Wide Brim’ (P Aden, 1986)
Hosta 'Lacy Belle'

Hosta ‘Lacy Belle’

  • Hosta ‘Lacy Belle’. Small. 30 x 50cm. The leaves of this Hosta medium sized variety are narrow and pointed. The variegation is strong and regular with blue green centres and a broad creamy yellow edge. H. ‘ Neat Splash’ seedling x H. ‘Halcyon’


  • Hosta ‘Gold Edger’. Small. 30 x 90cm. An excellent edging Hosta with heart shaped leaves of heavy substance that change in colour from light green through chartreuse to gold. A very dense grower that will tolerate sun all day long. H. ‘Blue Cadet’ selfed or x H.’Gold Cadet’


Hosta 'Invincible'

Hosta ‘Invincible’

  • Hosta ‘Invincible’. Small. 25 x 30cm. A very distinctive Hosta on account of the very glossy and thick nature of the bright green leaves. Fragrant near white flowers. A very fast growing variety. H. ‘Aden 314’ x H. ‘Aden 802’

Medium (Class 3 – Leaves 160-530 sq cm)

Yellow & Green Variegation

  • Hosta ‘Praying Hands’. Medium. 35 x 40cm. A unique variety with twisted pointed leaves that are held very erect. Leaves dark green with a blue tinge, accentuated by a narrow yellow edge. An unusual variety that people either love or hate, it makes a most striking plant when mature. For light shade. Of unknown origin.
Hosta 'Praying Hands'

Hosta ‘Praying Hands’

  • Hosta ‘Color Festival’. Medium. 30 x 50cm. An eye-catching combination of fluorescent yellow streaks between a dark green margin and a white centre make a stunning Hosta. Sport of H. ‘ Enterprise’.  (D vanEechaute, 2007)
Hosta 'Color Festival'

Hosta ‘Color Festival’

  • Hosta ‘Nancy Lindsay’. (Hosta ‘Windsor Gold’) Leaves emerge mottled with a rich butter yellow spotting, later fading to mid green. The flowers are well coloured, mauvey-pink, held well above the leaves. A Hosta fortunei type. Leaves below 30cm
Hosta 'Nancy Lindsay'

Hosta ‘Nancy Lindsay’

  • Hosta ‘Guacamole’. Medium. 25cm x 50cm. An open mound of overlapping rounded gold leaves margined dark green. A fast grower for a sunny spot where it will quickly achieve its full potential. Large fragrant flowers in August held well above the foliage. The green margin can be barely visible in cooler growing conditions. Sport of H. ‘Fragrant Bouquet’
Hosta 'Guacamole'

Hosta ‘Guacamole’

  • Hosta ‘Stained Glass’. Medium. 25cm x 50cm. Like its parent, an open mound of rounded gold leaves margined dark green, but with leaves brighter all season. Prominent veins earn it its name. A fast grower for a sunny spot where it will quickly achieve its potential. fragrant flowers in August. Sport of H. ‘Guacamole’