From the 2016 season onwards, the Nursery will not be opening. The reason for this is that the nursery is organised purely as a production nursery with saleable plants sitting side by side with non-saleable stock plants. We have no sales area and no quarantined stock area and experience has shown us that customers always home in on the stock. Plants get moved out of labelled lines, stock plants are lifted and then subsequently dry out. With very limited labour, we have to organise around an efficient growing system and simply do not have the spare capacity to supervise visiting customers. We are sorry if this is disappointing, but until we have grown a little larger and can manage to run a separate sales area, this is the only sensible option for us. We will continue to be open for the collection of orders.

We attend a number of local shows during the season. Please email if you would like to enquire if we will be at any particular event.

We can always bring orders along to a show, just send us an email if there is a particular plant you would like us to bring along.