This is a page where I can collect together plants that are unashamedly tall. All those marvellous flowers for adding height at the back of a planting scheme.

  • Crambe cordifolia . One of the largest and most impressive of perennials with huge glossy leaves and an 8ft tall gypsophila-like cloud of scented white flowers. Well drained soil. full sun. Ok for chalk
Crambe cordifolia

Crambe cordifolia

  • Eupatorium maculatum ‘Purple Bush’ ( Atropurpureum Group ). Useful late flowering plants for the summer border. Tall purple flecked stems to 5′ (160cm) carry whorls of purple tinted foliage and are topped by broad fluffy clusters of dark pink flowers which are irresistible to butterflies. Stems are an attractive rich burgundy. Equally at home in the border or wild flower meadow. Sun or part shade.
Eupatorium purpureum 'Purple Bush'

Eupatorium purpureum ‘Purple Bush’

  • Helenium ‘Indian Summer’. This is probably the tallest and the latest flowering, but well worth the wait. The flowers are rich coppery red in large heads with a velvety brown bun centre. It flowers profusely from August through September and into October, making a striking show and being an invaluable nectar source for the bees. Easily grown in sun and  any good soil. 120cm plus
Helenium 'Indian Summer'

Helenium ‘Indian Summer’


  • Helenium ‘Kanaria’ is a useful mid to late summer flowering sneezeweed with canary yellow petals and centre. It flowers about mid-season for the Heleniums and is a one of the taller varieties at 1.2m plus. It is extremely similar to butterpat in colouring, but can achieve twice its height with a more upright, less branched habit. It is a lovely warm yellow colour for the summer garden and is a magnet for bees. Easily grown in all but the very wettest and driest soils. 1.2m
Helenium 'Kanaria'

Helenium ‘Kanaria’