Who needs flowers !

A collection of photographs of beautiful leaves - barely a gaudy flower in sight.  

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Delicate Patterns in the Frost

With the frost heavy on the ground there's still beauty if you care to look closely.

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Woodlanders – plants for a cool position

This page contains a group of plants that all like to grow in the cool conditions created by a little bit of shade. I've included some individual plants and, where the numbers are greater, links to plant groups. Its not meant to be a comprehensive list of shade lovers, just a collection of like minded [...]

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Plant Associations – Sedums

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High and Mighty

This is a page where I can collect together plants that are unashamedly tall. All those marvellous flowers for adding height at the back of a planting scheme. Crambe cordifolia Crambe cordifolia . One of the largest and most impressive of perennials with huge glossy leaves and an 8ft tall gypsophila-like cloud of [...]

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Plant Associations – Poppies

Wonderful Blousy Poppies   Papaver Oriental Poppies are a real hit of blousy extravagance for the early season, but need careful placement to work in the garden. They have an unusual seasonal growth pattern, starting into leafy growth in late Summer. They go all winter as a leafy mound which then throws the [...]

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Plant Associations – Nepeta

Pictures of Nepeta in garden situations and in association with other plants. You may also like  Nepeta and Salvia   ‘If you set it, the cats will eat it, If you sow it, the cats don’t know it.’ This old rhyme refers to the belief that cats will always go for a [...]

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A Hellebore Gallery

Hellebores Below is a gallery of Hellebore images. It represents some of the hellebores that we collect our seed from. Origin –The Balkans,  Greece and Asia Minor Height up to 60cm Hellebores are so welcome as they bloom soon after Christmas at a time when flowers are so scarce. They come in such [...]

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