This page is a bit of an indulgence. I’ve created it purely to showcase other sites that I like and that I think might be of interest to you.

To confirm that spirit of vanity I have linked in my own sculpture website as a first offering. Following that are pages from fellow artists, such as the lovely Hare sculptures of Pippa Hill, that I hope you will enjoy and also a link to our good friends Becky and Rob who run an excellent garden maintenance business alongside garden visiting holidays and specialist plant fairs. Clicking on a picture / title should take you straight to the website.

hare sculptures - Pippa Hill

hare sculptures – Pippa Hill

Pippa Hill Animal Sculptures

Pippa makes fantastic animal sculptures in both clay and bronze resin. There are lots to see on her website and she can send bronze resins by courier. Here’s an extract from her site

‘I am obsessed with clay. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by it, digging it up from the fields when I was young and making things that rapidly fell to pieces. It is the only material I know that only needs hands to shape it.

Despite no formal opportunity to train in ceramics, I have always continued to make things out of clay.

Each piece I make is entirely hand built. The animal sculptures include British wildlife, farm animals, dogs and cats. I also make other animals found further afield, such as rhinos, leopards or elephants.’

Emperor Fountain

Emperor Fountain

Martin Preston Sculptures

This is my own site showing examples of bronze casting, woodcarving and resin work that I have produced over the years

Garden Maker

We’ve been friendly with Becky and Rob for many years now. They currently run Garden Maker Landscape services, alonside which they organise the ever popular Charity Plant Fairs at Yarlington, Mapperton and elsewhere and a range of Garden Break Holidays.