• Potsize - 1L

    Briza media. Perennial Quaking Grass. Wiry stems carry a wide branched head of hanging papery flowers that sway and quake in the slightest breeze. A very pretty if understated little grass that is best situated where the sun can catch the flowers. The only perennial quaking grass.
  • Briza media ‘Russells’ Briza media ‘Russells’

    Potsize - 1L

    A pretty quaking grass with tidy mounds of soft glaucous leaves with handsome white edges and striping. In Summer, dainty wands of little dancing lockets are produced which sway in the breeze. Green-white at first and often tinged with pink, the seed heads become golden with age. Semi-evergreen clumps of leaves. Not a very long lived plant but careful regular division can extend its life. Seedlings do not come true. 50-70cm in flower, 30cm in leaf.
    Discount of 25p per plant for quantities of 3 or over